Stabilo Point 88 Pen  (Set of 20)
RM29.90 RM52.00
Stabilo Point 88 Pen (Set of 20)
Price RM29.90 RM52.00
Product SKU 4006381340984
Brand Stabilo
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 4 cm x 19 cm
Points Needed 1732
Availability In Stock

Stabilo Point 88 Pen Sets color set set of 20 (8820-02)

  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - The famous hexagonal body shape of the STABILO point 88 makes it very comfortable to grip.
  • METAL ENCLOSED TIP - The 0.4mm line width offers you a great deal of control and precision and the metal-enclosed tip provides strength and durability.
  • PRECISE - For drawing you can create intricate details; for writing you can go really small with your font size. It is also perfect for use with rulers and stencils, making it ideal for precise work, structuring texts and taking notes.
  • LONG CAP-OFF TIME - Thanks to the long cap-off time you won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it off.
  • SET OF 30 COLORS IN A WALLET - Start coloring now in a whopping range of 30 colors in a wallet case.
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